TerraDatBroker B.V.

TerraDatBroker B.V. is a privately owned company based in The Netherlands and specialized in opportunities for farm-in / farm-out blocks or fields for oil, gas and/or ores. We concentrate our efforts where our experience is, namely in Sub-Sahara Africa and Western Europe.

After spending more than 35 years in the Oil & Gas industry we observed a real problem. Oil, gas or ore license owners have never had an effective way to advertise their farm-in / farm-out opportunities. Our solution was the creation of a dedicated web-based platform. In these times of low oil prices we think that there are genuine deals possible between sellers and buyers.


How do we work ?

  1. TDB has a large network of possible buyers and sellers in the oil/gas/ores industry
  2. TDB can place a flyer of any farm-in opportunity on its website, and can als assist in producing a competitive flyer
  3. TDB can bring potential buyers and sellers in contact
  4. Upon conclusion of a farm-in deal the seller will pay a flat fee for TDB's services

Dr. Henk Duyverman – Managing Director

Henk is a mining/HC Exploration specialist with more than 35 years experience in mining, oil/gas exploration and exploration teaching. He worked as mining engineer/geologist in Africa and Saudi Arabia, performed his PhD on Saudi Arabian tectonics and sediments; worked as chief geologist for the Dutch RGD (State Survey, later TNO), thereafter 15 years as exploration manager and business development manager with Statoil, with offices in The Netherlands, London, Norway, Namibia, Thailand and Australia.

Retired in 2000, worked as independent consultant thereafter (Terra Incognita), as advisor for Norwegian entry, farmins-outs, Shell/EDS/Panterra exploration courses and fieldwork worldwide. Recently working on Dutch CBM/shale gas exploration as a Director of Cuadrilla Resources. Since 2012 Henk has been very frequently in Africa to do advisory/teaching and exploration work.

Dr. Henk Duyverman – Managing Director